8 New One Hour Enamel Colors

We are so excited to introduce our new Fall 2019 One Hour Enamel colors! BUT we couldn’t stop there. There are also TWO incredible new Furniture Salve scents! 
One Hour Enamel Wise Owl Paint

One Hour Enamel Industrial Strength Waterborne Paint Finish

Ideal for Cabinets and Front doors!

ONE HOUR ENAMEL is an incredibly tough fast dry acrylic enamel for interior and exterior use on surfaces that require a quick return to service and an abrasion-resistant finish. It is waterborne so it poses no fire hazard or objectionable odor. The product is based on a specialized acrylic resin that dries quickly to a tough, durable film that has excellent weather blocking and abrasion resistance along with superior adhesion properties. With its’ quick-dry and quick re-coat times, ONE HOUR ENAMEL helps you get the job done faster than conventional acrylic finishes. The products’ superior resistance to blocking means that you will be able to put doors and windows back in service much quicker than with competitive acrylic finishes.

1987 Wise Owl Paint

The new chic version of the shade easiest described as the dusty rose of the late 80s. Tones of ballet pink meet ivory and beige. The feminine quality of the shade is represented as a pink that has been worn by time.

Alabaster Wise Owl Paint

Inspired by every painter’s drop cloth, this aged snowy ivory has tones of tan, beige and gray. A creamy washed neutral on the darker end of the white scale.

Black Cherry Wise Owl Paint

A deep jeweled bordello where crimson, black, and eggplant meet. Pair it with black wax or glaze for off the chart dramatic goth greatness, or blend it with a soft pink for an ultra-feminine finish.

Inspired by the cobblestone and antebellum lined streets of Charleston, South Carolina. Here, shutters, front doors, and accents are drenched in the most stately and reserved black-green. Limitless pigment makes this shade one of the richest shades that offer a historic stronghold to anything it’s painted against.

Foxtrot Wise Owl Paint

Inspired by our friend, Brent, at Foxtrot Woodworks & Designs to represent his essence; the woods, vintage military green, nature, and honesty. This green has an olive and hunter hue while staying true to the traditional camo military fatigues. It is truly the green of the Greatest Generation.

Earthen Ash Wise Owl Paint

Mossy green meets wet earth and gray clay. A color that is not defined by the constructs of blue, green, or gray; it has a 4th personality that somehow embodies both moody and light, accessible and secretive, at the same time.

Sea Salt Wise Owl Paint

Salty beach air inspired this shade of lovely. Gray, blue, green, and white all combine to produce a color that seems to change throughout the day depending on the sun’s influence. Sea Salt is a coastal chic shade of perfection that pairs well with whites and cool neutrals.

Urban Rhino Wise Owl Paint

A pale and modern gray. This color brings together rooms and brings a youthful presence to kitchens and furniture. This gray is a combo of mossy clay that meets overcast skies.

Foxtrot Furniture Salve, by Wise Owl Paint.
Foxtrot Furniture Salve, by Wise Owl Paint.
Foxtrot Salve was cultivated by our great friend at Foxtrot Woodworks & Designs, Brent Haynes. Saunter through an evergreen forest with an ax-wielding lumberjack. Cypress and Bayberry meet clean vibes.

This salve has base notes of moss, fir, and eucalyptus. Middle notes of cypress and bayberry blend with rich undertones of citrus, musk, and earthiness. Packed with the power of patchouli, mint, elemi, fir balsam, geranium, orange, patchouli, and vetiver essential oils that intensify the fresh foliage notes.

This is a traditional masculine scent that had broad appeal due to the woodsy scents inspired by nature.
Teakwood and Amber Furniture Salve, by Wise Owl Paint.
Teakwood and Amber Furniture Salve, by Wise Owl Paint.
Teakwood & Amber. Spicy and sweet, amber and moss.

This androgynous scent is masculine and feminine at the same time. Bold and complex, leading with spicy top notes of ginger, peppercorn, vanilla, and spice. The middle notes of amber, Himalayan salt, and aged teakwood blend into the woody, deep base of sandalwood and amber, with the added freshness of blood orange.

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