FAB Fabric Painting Medium

Introducing FAB, our new fabric painting medium. This is a game changer for furniture flippers & DIY’ers, who are not skilled in the art of reupholstery! Now you can change that ugly upholstery with a paint brush and your favorite paint color.

I started refinishing my daughter’s desk and decided that rather than buy a new piece of fabric to cover her chair’s seat cover, which is as far as my upholstery skills go, I would test out our new FAB and paint the seat cover with the same colors I’m using on her desk. Here’s is the before fabric: It took 3 coats of Cowgirl Coral (by DIY Paint) to completely cover the original design, but if it had been a solid fabric it would have only needed 1-2 coats of paint.IMG_9104I then taped off some stripes using basic painter’s tape. I just eyeballed my placement and added 2 coats of French Butter, by Heirloom Traditions.
IMG_9106As you can see my lines came out pretty clean, especially for painting over fabric. The couple areas that did bleed through were easily touched up with the Cowgirl Coral.IMG_9162And here is the finished piece. I kept the original gray on the chair and added French Butter to the back center to tie into the seat cover. I’m thrilled with how this turned out!
IMG_9139 The application is as follows: 1 coat of FAB, let dry to the touch (this primes your fabric & keeps the paint from cracking), add 1-3 coats of water-based paint (depending on what your covering), then 1 final coat of FAB to seal the paint, once your paint is completely dry. And that’s it!


This is so pretty! So does the fab help the fabric to feel less painted or less stiff? Gorgeous work!

Thank you 🙂 The first coat of FAB primes the fabric & keeps the paint from cracking, while the 2nd final coat of FAB keeps the paint finish sealed & protected.

It depends on the type of fabric you’re painting over…some fabrics soak up more than others. My best guess, without knowing the actual size of each piece & the type of fabric would be 3-4 containers of FAB, which is a fabric medium that is applied before & after your paint. Sincerely, Julia.

I’m going to pick some up today!! Can you name a good brand of water based paint to use on a love seat?

I sell the Vintiques & Heirloom Traditions Paint lines, but it will work with any other water-based paints, too.