Amulent Paint

Amulent Paint by The Chippy Barn
Amulent, by The Chippy Barn

What Is Amulent Paint?

Amulent is a ceramic-based paint that was created by a father/daughter duo in Pennsylvania in 2017. It was the first of its kind and the most innovative way to paint furniture.

Created for ease and loved for the gorgeous results it provides, Amulent is the paint that more and more furniture painters are turning to. Whether you’re creating an antiqued and time-worn look or a modern and sleek look, Amulent can do it all!

Simply put, Amulent utilizes a special type of ceramic technology that allows it to outperform your expectations – with excellent flow and leveling properties, strength, durability and workability that is unmatched by any of its competition. Using any application technique, from beginner to seasoned professional, you can easily create any look you desire!

What Makes Amulent So Great?

1) Ceramic hardness, strength, & durability

2) Self-leveling properties leave a silky smooth finish

3) Amazing coverage

4) Easy to apply

5) Available in 3 different sizes (8oz, Pint, & Quart) to fit every project size

6) Gorgeous color palette

Amulent Color Chart, by The Chippy Barn
French Lane Amulent Paint
Autumn Cider Amulent Paint
Juniper Amulent Paint, by The Chippy Barn
The Chippy Barn Paint

Amulent is extremely durable. Paint your piece and do a scratch test and find for yourself that Amulent sets exceptionally hard – while still allowing you to easily distress using your preferred method.

While you don’t have to, we always suggest using either a wax for light protection or a water-based topcoat for max protection from scratches and moisture. 

Amulent Decor Paint is virtually VOC Free. We list Amulent as “Ultra-Low VOC” meaning it’s less than 2 grams per liter of VOC. (<2g/L).

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