Antique Desk With White Lime Wax

I purchased this small antique desk that originally came from a US Embassy in Paris, Post-World War II. It was in decent shape but not good enough to
leave as-is or even re-stain, unfortunately. It also appeared to have once had small drawers on the top left & right-hand sides because there were outlines and nail holes. I filled in the holes & any damaged areas the best I could and gave it a light sanding.I applied Espresso to the top and Rainy Day to the rest. Both are made by Heirloom Traditions Paint and I used less than a sample size of each to refinish the desk.You can see the desk with the first coat of each below…I wanted to blend the two colors and tie them together, so I added White Lime Wax over the entire desk. *You can use the wax in Soft or Spray form, as it’s available in both.And you can see how the White Lime Wax transforms the paint colors. It’s a simple process that makes a huge difference.I wanted to work with the natural wear the desk had & give it a weathered look, which I think gives it an updated look while remaining true to its age.I kept the original hardware & just painted over the front of each knob, leaving the brass stems with their original patina.I really fell in love with this piece & had a hard time letting it go, but it found a new home where it can be enjoyed for many more years to come 🙂


What a beautiful job, I would have had a really hard time also selling this one!!

Love the way you brought this sweet little desk (with such interesting history!) into the 21st Century without eradicating ANY of its lovely character, Julia! So pretty, and functional!