Antique Sideboard – Before & After

Here is the newly refreshed antique sideboard, as promised in an earlier post . I used SafePaint (milk paint) in Sea Green, which is my favorite color from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. Sea Green has a mix of gray, green, and blue. This color can look very different depending on the lighting and/or surrounding colors, but each shade of it is absolutely stunning. See the photo below? Yep, it’s the exact same sideboard. I quickly snapped this “sneak peek” before taking it over to my suite, and it looks like a totally different color. It looks much more teal in color, right? Again, I love each and every shade of it.

I found the sideboard on Craigslist, and immediately fell in love with it! However, it was not in the best shape (aesthetically) when I picked it up. I had to power blast the top, well use an electric sander anyway, in order to get past all the grunge and ring stains. I also I added doorstops to the inside cabinets, ripped out the old felt lining (what was left of it) in the top drawer, and lined both drawers with some ultra thick leftover cork. And no, I didn’t think to get a photo of that (oops). Anyhow, after new stain, paint, and a good waxing, it’s gorgeous again!

This is the “before” photo the seller provided, thank goodness, because I had no time to waste:)  BTW, it looked a whole lot worse in person, I can assure you.
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incredible transformation, and i am so so glad to see so many of us repurposing these treasures rather than adding them to landfills!

found you via MMS’s party where i’m partying too. would love to have you as a follower.

smiles and happy weekend.


How did you get this finish? It’s so beautiful, is it just the paint or did you use wax after? I will be shopping here!

It’s just the paint Celeste…I only applied 1 coat for a more washed effect. I sealed it with Safecoat after. Thank you:)