I really look forward to seeing your pieces. I am transitioning from chalk paint to using more Safepaint. I prefer it on dressers. I’m having a bit of trouble with a tabletop at the moment. Your buffet looks terrific. What do you use as a finishing product?

Thank you Teri:) I use wax to finish/seal all of my pieces. We also have a new product called Safe Coat, that has a matte finish, and is great for areas that will get more use. What kind of problems are you having with the tabletop?

Hi Julia, I am using Salem Red for the top of a pedestal table. I have been uninspired by this table so far, so I thought I would just get started and the vision would come. I have two coats of red, and I am not getting good coverage. I was originally thinking of using a black wash over the red, or maybe oyster. When I use the chalk paints, I like to layer the colors. I haven’t much experience with Safepaint yet, although I have washed it over the chalk paint to great results.

I bought eight colors to play with, mostly quart size. No yellows or oranges. I would love any suggestions.

Is that an AFM product you referred to? The Safe Coat?

Hi Teri, I assume the tabletop was pre-finished, and I’m guessing that something on it is what’s keeping you from getting good coverage. I’ve had this same issue happen to me, rarely, but it has happened. If you add the bonding agent to one coat of paint, and then add a 2nd coat as normal, that should fix the problem. The only other thing I can suggest is to let the first coat cure overnight, sometimes the 2nd coat will pull the 1st coat if it hasn’t had time to fully cure…this is usually only in the case of painting over a pre-finished piece.

Black or Oyster would look great over the Salem Red, but the black will cover more easily, because it’s darker, hence it would be less painting involved;)

Yes, the Safe Coat is an AFM product. You can order it through The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. directly if your local dealer does not yet have it available. It truly is a matte finish, too!

Sincerely, Julia.

At Teri-forgot to mention…sometimes you just need to add more paint/less water to ensure you get a better coverage;)

Julia, it was probably a little of both – I probably didn’t let it cure long enough, and it wasn’t quite as thick as the directions called for. The second coat seemed to pull off the first coat in spots. I will let it cure overnight and touch it up. thanks for all your help. – teri