Antique Tall Dresser With Caster Feet

I created a custom color for this dresser using Milk Paint, by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. And I’m calling my new color “Sea Glass”. I love everything about this dresser…the original hardware, caster feet, and all of the wonderful design details of it. It’s just a lovely little piece of furniture.
Before Photo


Would you mind sharing the colors. I love the colors and was considering them for my kitchen cabinets. Thank you!

Hi Janel,

I used a custom mix of the following colors: Slate, Sea Green, and Driftwood. I don’t have the exact measurements I used, but you can play with mixing them dry in small amounts (i.e., teaspoons). Colors look different on every monitor, so it’s better to mix them yourself to get the desired color you’re looking for:)