Giving Back

For anyone that doesn’t already know, we lost our sweet little dog {Bella} on Thursday. She was just 8 1/2 yrs old, but had been on heart medications since she was 5. She was family and a huge part of my life, always by my side during every paint project…I was always trying to keep her nose & wagging tail out of my paint, not to mention her endless photo-bombing:) I miss all of these things dearly and I grieve for her daily:(

I’m so thankful that I got to take her for one last walk, and that she passed quickly at home in my arms…the way she would have wanted to go. And in those last few days when she didn’t have the strength to shadow me, I remained by her side instead. It’s been very hard for me to even think about working, which isn’t good for many reasons, so I decided the best thing to get me motivated would be to do something for her. Something to honor a special little dog that gave me & my family so much.

In loving memory of her I have created a new custom paint color. The color pink means unconditional love, so it was a fitting color, and I let my Facebook friends choose between two different shades of pink to get the right one. It will be called “Bella Rosa™” which means beautiful rose, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Cavalier Rescue USA. The paint will be available with the other new colors next month, and will be in both my shop & my online store.

Bella Rosa w sigI want to thank everyone for their kind words and for all of the love they’ve shown our precious Bella over the last few weeks. Your messages and comments have meant so much to me & my family during this difficult time. Love, Julia.


I am sorry sorry for your loss, I have been through this several times in my life, the loss of your pet is just like the death of a family member, you will always have all those loving memories. I have a soft spot for cocker spaniels I have one myself that is in poor health…but I love him so very mush, as you did your sweet little Bella. Bless you….Praying for comfort

From one Julia to another

Always thinking of you guys, Julia. When I picture the times I have been to your home…I always see Bella in the memories.

I’m in LOVE with Bella’s color! What a beautiful way to keep her memory alive as well as help such a wonderful rescue! Hugs Julia!

Dear Julia, So sorry to hear about your loss of your beautiful Bella. I, too, have a Cavalier. Her name is Pooka Weinerschnitzel Baronness Tricky-woo Schnookums Streudel Francesca Blizzard Adorabelle Scott, but we just call her Pookie The Wonderdog for short. She is 2, so I hope we have many more years with her. I acutely sense the loss you must feel because Pookie is such a part of me, like your Bella is of you. I truly believe that you’ll see her again someday. The Bible doesn’t say anything about pets going to heaven but I do know that God is more loving than we can possibly imagine, and because He created animals too, He has made a wonderful plan for them as well. And we are in it. WE CAN TRUST HIM IN THIS. Please accept my deepest condolences, Julia Scott