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Searching for a Home Decor Line…

I had been looking for a line of Home Decor to add to my shops for what seemed like ages, and I finally found one! I love the clean lines, texture, and overall warmth of it. This decor is sophisticated, yet casual. It’s visually clean and very welcoming. The farmhouse look has been dominating the market for years and this is a fresh new look, in comparison.

There’s something for everyone in the line and it can easily be incorporated with different styles. Add vases or prints to quickly update your home decor. It’s also a very giftable line because of its neutral palette. The pieces are handcrafted and high quality, but won’t break the bank!

Here’s what I currently have in my Frisco location but rest assured it will soon be expanded into my Allen shop, as well as my online store.

Danish design combined with the Nordic trends of the moment. This is what this line is all about. From their headquarters in Denmark, they design, develop and sell a wide range of interior styles – always keeping your ever-changing home in mind.

Their story began in 2000, today the company has grown into a highly renowned European brand.

Many things have changed over the years, but their dedicated focus on reasonable prices and quality remain the same.