Home Depot Hack Using White Lime Wax

I purchased an electric fireplace off of Craigslist for about $50, which had been previously purchased from Home Depot. I don’t have a photo of what it looked like originally, but it was really close to the same finish on this one:It was then painted in an Antique White and it stayed that way for quite awhile… Until I purchased this Trumeau mirror (pictured on the far right)…that changed everything! And I tried recreating the look with some dry brushing that just never really impressed me.It was time for a change & this time I was armed and ready! I started with Espresso Chalk Type Paint, which is a rich deep luscious brown and can stand just fine all on it’s own, but I had other plans…
I wanted to punch it up a notch & create that Restoration Hardware look I so adore, and the best way to do that is to use Heirloom Tradition’s White Lime Soft Wax. This stuff is magic in a jar, soft creamy goodness that I can’t get enough of! You can apply it using a wax brush, chip brush, or an old t-shirt. I used a wax brush and continued to work it in to remove any streaks & get the look I wanted. It’s a forgiving product and designed to be applied straight over your paint finish. You do NOT want to apply a clear wax beforehand because it won’t be able to absorb into the paint.I applied one coat of Espresso, let it dry, and then started applying the wax, which you can see on the top & top right side of the fireplace (shown below). And I followed the same process with the Trumeau mirror.And here’s what White Lime Soft Wax will do! I love, love, love it. It was exactly the look I was going for & it was so simple to achieve.Here’s a close-up of the mirror where you can see how the wax brings out the texture.And it adds depth & dimension to the pieces that have no texture or simply have a flat finish.I let it sit overnight, gave it a good buffing with a t-shirt rag and that was it. It has a beautiful hard finish that is smooth & silky to the touch.I also refinished this China hutch to use as a display piece in my shop. However, I used HTP’s Thunderous and then applied the white wax over it.

Here’s the Before photo: