How To Create A Show Stopping Display Piece

If you want to draw attention to your products & boost your sales then you need to take a good look at your display piece and ask yourself
if it stands out & commands attention, or is it getting lost visually in your space?

A retail space is a great place to have fun with your displays! It doesn’t have to be bright or bold but it needs to stand out & shine, so that people stop and take notice of the product(s) you’re trying to sell.

Also, if you have more than one display case it’s nice to do them each a little differently to appeal to more than one taste or style. For me it’s a chance to show people how they can combine and/or use different colors that they might not have thought about using before. Even if it means they’re thinking about what they would do differently…it’s waking up their own creativity. This was my display hutch for my Heirloom Traditions Paint line that I wanted to change for my Vintiques Paint display and use in my other shop space. I started with a coat of Raven, by Vintiques. I used less than 4 ounces of my 8oz sample size, which tells you how far this paint goes! A sample size covers approximately 35sq ft. I then added Shabby Gray & Chantilly to the bottom door fronts and placed part of my rub-on transfer in the center. I had leftover pieces from that transfer & a previous transfer I had used on another project so I cut out what I wanted to use and applied them to the left and right side doors.
It took a little more time getting the placement lined up with the smaller pieces and while they’re not perfectly aligned they’re good enough. I used a couple of different pieces on the right & left side, so they’re not an identical match but I worked with what I had leftover. Once I had my transfers in place I lightly distressed them with a fine grit sandpaper and then added my second coat of Raven. I decided to keep the Gypsy Spirit paint color on the inside because it really pops against the Raven and it’s an unexpected color combination that makes it stand out from everything else. I also added another coat of Shabby Gray over the trim sections and then sealed the entire hutch with Clear Spray Wax. I only used my sample sizes of paint for everything and didn’t even use them all up! I love to go bold with my display pieces because it’s the best chance I have at grabbing everyone’s attention! It is now in my shop filled with my Vintiques paint line and it’s definitely a show stopper! I’m using this piece to display more than one product (i.e., paint, colors, transfers), while letting people know that they can absolutely create this look themselves.
Think about what you’re selling & create your display to achieve the most impact. And whenever possible use your actual products because you will always sell out of that faster than anything else…people want to see & touch it for themselves, before they commit to a purchase and if you give them the chance to do that then you will get a sale 🙂


Extremely useful post, Julia. I agree with your strategy, and believe that you nailed the presentation here, both of the concept, AND the physical representation. Well done!

The piece is beautiful and eye-catching, I like being able to see the before and after. Job well done!!!