IOD Moulds 2020

Seashells IOD Mould

IOD Moulds

Three new IOD Decor Mould designs have just been released for Fall 2020 and you’re going to love them! Remember, not only can IOD moulds be used on furniture makeovers and upcycle projects, but also in soap and jewelry making and food decorating (think cookie dough, fondant, and pie crusts).


Seashells Mould

No need to comb the beach for starfish, sand dollars and shells – you can make your own when DIY-ing coastal decor. 

IOD Seashells Mould

Notice how you get two seahorses with each facing a different way. This allows for design symmetry when you arrange the castings on your projects. Or, if you like, you can glue the backs of them together to make a perfectly three-dimensional seahorse ornament.

Seashells IOD Mould


Snowflakes IOD Mould

Have you ever seen such beautiful snowflakes! More details than we can possibly describe, this is going to be one of those moulds that you find yourself using again and again as you make handmade gifts and decorate for the winter season.

The Snowflakes Mould was designed using architectural standards. This means each snowflake is perfectly symmetrical – so you can make two of the same design and then adhere them together to create beautiful, handmade snowflake ornaments.


Boughs of Holly
Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Doesn’t this one just make you want to burst out caroling? You won’t believe the details on the evergreen tree castings and the poinsettia blossom, or how you’ll be able to see each individual pine needle on the boughs.

With the Boughs of Holly Mould, you can really bring your DIY holiday decor to life.

You can use several different mediums with the IOD Moulds but I prefer the Air Dry Clay. It’s fast and easy to use. Check out this quick video:

You may pick up all of the new IOD Moulds in my Frisco store, or shop online.


So pretty. I just started using moulds and stamps and I love them. I will definitely have to purchase some things. I would like to see what the typography stamps look like.