It’s Spring & The Floral Trend Has Sprung!

Besides all of the flowers you’ve been seeing in garden beds, you’ve probably noticed the floral trend popping up everywhere.  If not, rest assured that you will soon enough.  I remember when the floral craze hit the fashion world back in the 80’s, and yes…I was indeed wearing it!  I don’t know that I would be quite so bold today, because I can’t imagine purposely drawing that much attention to my derriere in a pair of floral pants, but I’m definitely drawn to the new floral fabrics for furniture.  I guess that’s obvious to anyone who saw my last furniture redo.  Anyhow, I’m curious to know what everyone else thinks…are you working it into your home, or your wardrobe?  Or are you waiting for the floral trend to go away?!
Now back to 80’s fashion for just a moment, because it just so happens that I answered a post from a friend on this very topic earlier!  The question was “what was your favorite 80’s trend?”  Well, I was 11 years old in 1980, so let’s just say I got to fully enjoy everything the 80’s had to offer:)  Anyhow, the question got me thinking back to all of my fashion faux pas choices, and here’s what popped into my head (in no particular order):
Checkered Vans, double layered Izods with pop collars, pegged pants, Boat shoes, Madonna, Madonna, neon, 501 button fly jeans, Flashdance sweatshirts, zippered ankle jeans (think 3/4 Guess), leg warmers, K-Swiss tennis shoes, gold lame prom dresses (yep, had one), shoulder pads, MC Hammer pants, acid wash jeans, stretch pants/leggings, floral print pants, tracksuits, Let’s Get Physical headbands & leotards, Z Cavariccis, parachute pants, Michael Jackson leather jacket & the one glove, skinny ties, and Swatch watches. Ha! 
  • *The following stores were key: Benetton, Contempo Casuals, and Wet Seal.