Let’s Rewind For A Moment…

and go all the way back to this past summer! Long story short, we had been actively searching for a historic home over the past 2 years when I came across a home for sale in downtown Frisco. It was built in 1908 and was on over a half acre lot…it was perfect! Well, okay it may not have been perfect, but it was close enough for us and we planned to make it perfect on our own. There was just one problem, we already owned a home, a perfectly good one that we needed to sell first.

So, we made an offer on the historic home & quickly threw our existing home on the market. We had it listed about 40 days, with nearly 50 walk-thru’s, and sold it on the very last day we had to be in contract before walking away from the historic home. Yeah, it was that close! But we did it, hooray, right? Not so fast, you see we still needed to get the appraisal done on the historic home, and that’s when our dream turned into a small nightmare, because it didn’t appraise for the value we agreed to purchase it for. And I’m not talking about falling short a few thousand dollars…it came in $110,000.00 under!!! Yikes. That was a problem, and worse yet was the fact that our home had now been sold and we were about to become homeless. Oh, and school-less, as we were now heading into August & our children were supposed to start school on the 24th.

It was at that point we decided to broaden our search area in the hopes of finding another historic home to purchase, knowing full well that it had already taken us 2 years to find the last one. We weren’t feeling too optimistic and were preparing ourselves for a rental property. We looked at a home in Denton that was on a lovely piece of property, but the house itself just wasn’t a fit for us, so we scratched it off our list.

We then  decided to look into McKinney, which has a lovely historic downtown, a thousand times better than Frisco I might add! However, I had one pretty big hang up with moving to  McKinney…their schools, which I had been warned about since we first moved to TX. But I started checking into the schools that were designated for the historic area, and they weren’t as bad as I had thought.

Now let me just say that they still didn’t come close to the exemplary schools we had in Frisco, but they were moving up in their rankings & had other things about them that we found beneficial to our children’s special needs. And once we opened ourselves up to considering McKinney we found a home. An adorable home built in 1925 with a good sized yard. We closed in September, on Friday the 13th, and we couldn’t be happier in our new home =)