Moving & Adding A New Location!

Hi all, sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but there has been a lot going on in my little world! First off, after celebrating my 2yr anniversary inside the Frisco Mercantile I was given the chance to move into a larger suite…this is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! I miss having furniture pieces available inside my shop and the larger suite will allow for more paint, furniture, & decor. The new larger suite had some items to work around, and we’ve been busy transforming the space. Here’s the last pic I took, after we made some changes:

There are still plenty of things to finish and I will dedicate an entire post to the whole process once it’s complete. Meanwhile, I’m starting the move today & will be out of the old suite by tomorrow. The new suite is #1504, just a couple of aisles over from where I am now.

The next big news I have is that the Frisco Mercantile is in the process of opening a brand new store in Richardson, TX. The Richardson Mercantile will be even bigger than the Frisco Merc, and I have already secured a new space there. They’re planning to open around October/November, and I will keep you posted on the official opening date! That’s all for now…