My Daughter’s Room Makeover

A little over a month ago, when most of Texas was experiencing torrential downpours and massive flooding, we had a huge branch break off of our tree & puncture our roof…we had no idea it had caused that much damage, until our daughter woke up to find it literally raining in her bedroom! Long story short, we ended up having to get a whole new roof & repair a lot of damaged items inside the house, but since we were being forced to make changes anyway we decided to have our kiddos switch rooms and re-do both of them.

Let me just tell you now that we were working on an extremely tight budget and my focus was on refinishing & reusing as much as possible! We purchased our wall paint from Lowes and used “Pink Sangria” made by Olympic for our daughter’s room. I love that it’s a soft warm pink, like a pair of ballet slippers, and it looks beautiful in both natural & artificial lighting. I then decided to switch up her desk & add a pop of color to make it more fun. I used “Cowgirl Coral” by DIY Paint and “Peppery” & “French Butter” by Heirloom Traditions. I also painted the fabric on her chair’s seat cover to perfectly match her desk. I have an entire blog post dedicated to that here: https://www.shangrilalane.com/2015/07/a-game-changing-product.html

I reused curtain panels from our previous home to better tie into the new room & wall color, but they were super long and I didn’t want to hem them, so we just put the curtain rods up as high as we could & kept them in the original length. I like that it makes the room appear taller than it actually is, which is a trick decorators often use, and my daughter loved it. I also reused some prints I once had in my office to help save on costs. The only items I purchased were a new duvet cover & the Eiffel Tower wall light, both came from Target and were pretty inexpensive. With a little time & a lot of elbow grease, we were able to give our daughter a room she loves 🙂

IMG_5460 IMG_5435 IMG_5458_edited-1