My New Suite – Before & Almost After

This is how my new space first looked, at almost triple the size of my old space, it was clearly used by a tile dealer originally and I needed to make some changes to better reflect my items before moving in. My new suite is #1504, which is just a few aisles over from my old space. It’s nearly straight ahead once you walk through the doorway to the newest side of the Frisco Mercantile, which is on the right side of the store as you walk in from the front.

The first thing I wanted to do was cover the wall tile & counters, and it just so happened that we were left with a garage full of old hardwood flooring when we purchased our home last year! So, my husband got to work on making two 8′ wall panels out of the hardwoods, and then put together a counter overlay made out of plywood sheets. Again, these were created in two 8′ sections to cover a 16′ countertop. After they were complete we sprayed them both white.

The next thing I worked on was finding China hutch tops to place on top of the counters. I already had one, so I only needed to purchase two more. I decided to paint them all the same color, because they were all so different from each other. I used “Smoke Signal” by American Paint Company on all three. And because our time was so limited we decided to use a paint sprayer, which worked out pretty good, although, we did miss a lot of places that I had to go back and paint by hand…I have since learned it’s all about the angle/position of your furniture and the sprayer!

While we were busy working on pieces to go into my new suite, we had someone painting the walls and cabinets inside of my space. Here’s a pic of the wall panels, counter, hutch tops, and new paint:

It was now time to start moving my all of my stuff over from the old suite…

I still have some changes/additions to make and a lot more product to bring in, including furniture, but It’s almost complete. And considering how little time we had to make the biggest changes, about one week to be exact, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I will be sure to post the completed pic’s very soon…