New Exclusive Colors

new exclusive colors wise owl paints

My Inspiration

The ocean has always been a source of calm for me. Creating a color palette that brought that feeling into a home was my number one goal. Oh, how I miss the days in California where I was living life on the beach…sigh. But that was then, and this is now. And hey, I have a lot to be grateful for here in Texas. Sure I gave up the beach but now I live in charming historic downtown McKinney. My neighborhood is full of colorful and unique homes, which makes it a different type of paradise.

Making It Work

Not only did I want to keep those thoughts of calm in mind, but I also wanted to create rich and vibrant colors. Initially, I began choosing colors that I felt would evoke the feelings of nature and work with a variety of styles. We all have different tastes/styles, and I took the time to find the right balance very seriously. My focus was on creating colors that worked well with everything from vintage to contemporary style furniture and homes. But I also kept trending colors in mind that would summon thoughts of spring and summer. Above all, maintaining an emphasis on fresh and calming colors. I believe I accomplished that with this color palette and am really happy with it.

Paint Choices

Once I had my colors, I had them made in the One Hour Enamel and the Chalk Synthesis Paint, so that people could choose their favorite paint to work with. I’ve had a ton of positive response to the whole palette and a flurry of orders came in immediately! In fact, I actually had to set up pre-orders because I wasn’t expecting people to order so soon after I shared pics on my Facebook Page. I am humbled, and oh so thankful to everyone!

I will continue to add furniture pieces refinished by myself, my customers, and my local furniture artists, but here are a few samples of what I have so far…

Pantry refinished with Aegean Sea in the One Hour Enamel.
Aqua by Wise Owl Paint
Aqua in the One Hour Enamel.
Marrakech in the One Hour Enamel.
Chartreuse in the One Hour Enamel

You can find all of the colors in the One Hour Enamel & Chalk Synthesis Paint in Quart size in both of my store locations and 8oz (in Chalk only), Quarts, and Gallon sizing in both lines are available in my online shop.

Full Color Palette
Seychelles, Aegean Sea, Aqua, Marrakech, & Chartreuse
I added Black Glaze to the bottom half so that you could see how to give the One Hour Enamel an aged look. Wax doesn’t work over OHE because it’s not porous enough, but we have no shortage of Glaze color options to choose from.