New OHE Colors For 2020

One Hour Enamel Color Chart August 2020

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel has a tough durable finish that is truly cutting edge.  Its technology utilizes one of the strongest acrylic resins paired with superior synthetic pigments. It is absolutely an industrial-strength finish.

  1. Ceramic Like Hardness
  2. Ceramic Like Durability
  3. Stone-Like Hardness
  4. Math Like Hardness
  5. A Finish that is Harder than Trigonometry

Use our Stain Eliminating Primer to strengthen adhesion on slippery surfaces

Atomic Blue by Wise Owl Paint
Botanical by Wise Owl Paint
Dijon One Hour Enamel
Graphic Slate One Hour Enamel
Higgins Lake One Hour Enamel
Iconic Gray One Hour Enamel
Renovation Gray One Hour Enamel
Restoration One Hour Enamel
White Birch One Hour Enamel

You may pick up all of the new colors in my Frisco store, or shop online.