Photo Editing With Apps

I’m attending a seminar for Heirloom Traditions & DIY Paint this Saturday in Louisville, KY and have been asked by Debi Beard to help with the Photography presentation, which will cover: staging, photography, & editing. I’ve also been frequently asked about which photo apps I use, so I decided to put a blog post together. PS, I am so super excited about this seminar!!!I started looking further into the apps I use and now realize I should have researched them sooner because I just learned about all of the different features I haven’t been utilizing! I have a tendency to just play with stuff until I figure it out & really only research things when I have a problem. Google is my backup friend, who I should visit more often! Anyhow, here are my most used apps starting with Rhonna Designs and Rhonna Designs Magic.I use these two together constantly! They were created to interact with each other and they cover a huge range of editing options, huge! Thankfully, they offer some fantastic free video tutorials and answer FAQ’s, which you can find here: http://rhonnadesigns.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=8

And here:https://vimeo.com/104205097
The next app I use frequently is Photo Quilt. This app allows you to stitch your photos together to create a collage. It’s pretty straightforward and allows you to choose as many photos as you like, in any arrangement that you like. Here’s a recent collage I created for my Facebook Page:
You can also change the white borders to a different color, or remove them entirely as shown below. They also offer additional effects, but I’ve always relied on my Rhonaa apps for that.

Whitagram is an app I use to adjust all of my photos to fit perfectly square on Instagram, without having to crop any of my original images. It’s super easy to use & offers additional features such as adding text or changing your border colors.


Last but not least, and this is a biggie…I give you iWatermark. This glorious app allows you to add a logo watermark to your photos using your phone! I have been relying on Photoshop for a very long time to do this, so I was jumping up & down excited when I found this app!!

Here are some example photos I created using iWatermark:

IMG_4724 IMG_4725

My watermark came out just as clear as if I had used Photoshop and now I can easily add my logo watermark whenever I’m away from my Mac, this is seriously the greatest app ever! You can also use built-in watermarks that come with the app, but if you want to use your logo & don’t have Photoshop or just don’t have access to your desktop then this is the app you need to get. They offer a free version, but it comes with their watermark on it. The app is only $1.99 and beyond worth it in my opinion. I pulled up a video tutorial on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/46aPcDMVLns

Those are my top photo editing apps and I hope this will help you to create your own beautiful images!


This is very helpful, Julia!
I’m not great at taking photos and gave up using Photoshop for my watermark (I found it takes too long, I’m not good at it).
I’m going to try your suggestions!