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Bubblegum Yum

Bubblegum Yum artisan papers are created by artists and are all comprised of original art. The papers are made of rice and come in two different sizes to fit all of your project needs.

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BUBBLEGUM YUM was created by women with a shared passion for female entrepreneurship. Each owner has a distinct role—artist, production, and business—but they maintain a collective effort to enjoy the ride and not be deterred by competition. BGY exists to shine a light on the joy of art and inspire other women to follow their example, whether as artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, or all the above. Tired of running into roadblocks or tired stereotypes of artistic limitations, BGY founders wanted the company to serve as a mini- incubator, believing a rising tide lifts all boats.

Bubblegum Yum only uses original art in its transfers, solely for the purpose of allowing customers to create and own a one-of-a-kind. We throw open the doors of the art world to anyone who wishes to enter, giving customers the confidence to say, “yes, I am an artist.”

Anissa of Anissa Marie Collective is an artist whose creativity doesn’t stop on the canvas. While on her journey to creating a multi-layered business she co-founded BUBBLEGUM YUM with a passion to turn original artwork into artisan decoupage papers to inspire female crafters to create bold, unexpected artwork.

How to Decoupage

PREPARE YOUR SURFACE:  You can decoupage on pretty much any surface. We do recommend that you ensure any surface that is slick or has oil be cleaned with a degreaser.

PAINT SURFACE:  Paint the surface with chalk or acrylic paint.

APPLY BGY ARTISAN PAPER:  We recommend using a water-based polyacrylic or mod lodge medium when applying our paper. Work in small sections with a thin layer of medium. Before moving on to the next section be sure to work out any wrinkles or bubbles in the paper. For the best results use a brayer or card to help remove any wrinkles or bubbles.

SAND:  For a flawless look we recommend that you sand down the edges of the paper with 220 grit sandpaper.

FINISHING TOUCHES:  You items such as furniture, you can continue blending the paint with the paper. Once finished seal with the polyacrylic. For other items, seal with polyacrylic. Keep in mind that the paper will bubble when the polyacrylic is reapplied. Once dry the bubbles will dissipate.

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Ana, Becky With The Good Hair, Big Blue, Bubblegum Yum, Curly Q, Dare To Dream, Jess' Faith, Neons By Sunset, Sad Little Trees, Siren Of The Sea, Sin On Wheels, Swirling With Erykah, The Ranch, Won't Be Silenced, Yellow Burst Sunset, Ana Craft Sheet, Artist Spring 2022 Craft Sheet, BGY Animal Craft Sheet, BGY Craft Sheet 2 Spring 2022, BGY Retro Girls Craft Sheet, BGY Spring 2022 Craft Sheet, Chameleon House Craft Sheet


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