SafePaint & Original Milk Paint Comparison

These are both milk paint products, made by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. SafePaint is on the left & Original Milk Paint is on the right. This is after two coats of paint for each. I did not distress either piece, or add anything to the paint. This is how they naturally dried. The color is “Slate”

SafePaint was designed for non-porous items, and the original Milk Paint was designed for porous items. This comparison is simply to show the effects of each on a non-porous, or pre-painted item. Each paint can be altered to create various effects, but I chose to use them “as is” for this comparison.

*I only use milk paint made by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. They’ve been around since 1974, and they’re the only company that makes SafePaint.

I used some leftover baseboards, that had previously been painted with a latex paint, for my test boards. This is NOT primer, it’s just white paint. I mixed both paints by hand, and used them strictly as is…no paint straining, or electric mixers were used.


Original Milk Paint-2 coats. You never really quite know what you’re gonna get with Original Milk Paint, unless you add a bonding agent, but that’s the cool thing about it.

SafePaint-2 coats. You still get variation in color, like the original milk paint, but it’s a much more consistent finish, that grabs hold of non-porous wood without adding a bonding agent.
SafePaint does have an extra advantage over original Milk Paint, in that it can be used on walls!  Overall, I like that SafePaint falls in the middle of a traditional paint, and original Milk Paint…it’s really the best of both worlds:)