Spray Wax vs Soft Wax

It all started when I found these amazing French side tables on Craigslist, granted they were pretty beat up, but they were just what I was looking for! I lightly sanded a few of the top stains off and wiped it clean…it didn’t need to be patched & picture perfect for me.I chose to refinish them with Irish Linen, by Vintiques. It’s my favorite creamy white at present. It goes with everything and is a timeless color. Once I finished painting the tables I decided to wax them. We use coasters in this house, so I didn’t feel the need to apply a Top Coat. I grabbed my soft wax and went to work with my wax brush…and I mean work! The next day I quickly noticed all of the spots I had missed, which is not uncommon when working at night. I’ll be honest, I was grumbling & groaning at the thought of getting the soft wax out again, so I decided to work on the second table instead because I hadn’t painted it, yet. Here’s a closer view of my missed spots…grumble, grumble. After I finished painting my second table it occured to me that I still hadn’t tried the new Heirloom Traditions Spray Wax, which had been sitting in my cabinet for a few weeks now. It was one of those “I could have had a V-8” moments & I really wanted to slap myself upside the head for not thinking of it sooner! But then I had another thought, this would be the perfect opportunity to do a side x side comparison using Soft Wax on one table and Spray Wax on the other. The Spray Wax comes in 12 colors along with clear, BTW. I had already heard from a few of my fellow retailers that they preferred to pour it in a bowl and apply it with a brush, which gives you a little more open time with the wax. I prefer to use my paint brush as much as possible and using plastic containers with lids to keep any leftover product stored in for later. Spray wax does not need to be buffed and does not need to be reapplied. I poured about an ounce into my container & used maybe half of it. You don’t need much at all and if you put too much on your brush it will drip everywhere, trust me on this. The Spray Wax was completely dry in about 30 minutes, with a flawless wax finish!

This stuff is like heaven in a bottle and I can’t imagine going back to Soft Wax. I will continue to offer it in my shops because I know there are some diehard soft wax users out there, but just know that once you do decide to use the spray wax you’ll be left wondering how you went this long without it πŸ™‚

This is my beautiful table finished with the Spray Wax, while the other one is hiding next to our sofa in the corner of shame, until I fix its spots πŸ˜‰ 




What a fantastic pair of tables! Love the way they turned out…I love spray wax, and I love soft wax, too. I hear you about the ease of application, though. Thanks for doing the side by side comparison – this will help us all to decide which product is right for the job!

I was told that it can, but when I tried applying it over my soft waxed piece it just beaded up…guessing I still had good coverage!