There’s A New Paint In Town…

In case you haven’t already heard, there’s a new paint in town! Judging by the amount of questions I’ve been fielding since I posted on my Facebook Page, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of you have not. So, rather than wait until I finish painting two pieces before posting a blog review {like I had planned}, I’m just gonna jump right into it!
The line is called, “DIY Paint” which is Debi Beard’s new privately labeled brand that is manufactured by Heirloom Traditions. It is a natural chalk type paint, with Zero VOC’s, is Non-Toxic, and Made in the USA. All good things to look for in a paint line!
Debi sent me a sample pack to try and I’m not even joking when I tell you that I was immediately seduced by the packaging! Ohhhh, that branding instantly swept me off my feet, with its sweet & simple vintage vibe. Love, love, love it! But here’s the really cool and innovative thing about the labeling, you know those QR Codes you see on product labels? Well, this one is going to take you directly to a DIY video once you scan it…right there in the store! Tell me that’s not the coolest thing ever.
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.31.40 PMOkay, the next thing to pull me in was the super dreamy color palette. It has all of your go-to neutrals in addition to some wonderful fun pops of color that you just don’t see in every other line. There are currently 20 colors in the line, but they will be adding 5 more colors in March. I can already tell you that Old ’57 is going to be hugely popular! Did I mention that their quarts sell for $30? And that they offer three different size options: Quart, Pint, & Sample. Woot!!!
Now let me tell you about my experience using the paint. First off, it’s creamy, rich, and thick in its consistency. But not too thick and I think the average DIY’er will find it very easy to work with. I did not notice any excessive brush strokes in the finish. They suggest keeping your brush damp to minimize any brush strokes and the paint brush I use requires it to be used wet, so I’m sure that’s why I didn’t have any problems with brush strokes. It has a light scent, but nothing invasive or overpowering and once the paint dries it’s gone. The paint dries fairly quick and on one item I applied my 2nd coat after about 30 minutes, where I waited about an hour or so on my other piece. I did not have any paint pull up on either project. If this does ever happen (with any line) you simply just need to give your piece more time to dry. Everyone applies paint differently, and thicker coats will obviously take longer to cure. Overall, it’s a nice easy paint with a smooth finish!Okay, let’s talk about finishing products. THIS is my new true love right here…Liquid Patina. This stuff is awesome and now my most favorite sealer on the planet, hands down! I only had the Crystal Clear Chandelier to test, so I’m unable to give you any feedback on the Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina. Anyhow, they can both be applied a couple different ways, but I just poured a small amount into a plastic bowl and brushed it on using a paint brush. Alternatively, you can use a wax brush, cloth, foam brush, or even pour it directly onto your piece and spread it out from there with any of the items I just listed. It dries quickly in a matte (yes, matte) finish. I only used one coat and it passed my scratch test! It’s non-yellowing and can be used on both indoor AND outdoor pieces. I’ve worked with a lot of different finishing products/sealers and this one is the best I’ve ever used. And for my die hard wax users…they offer three different colors of wax in two different sizes: Clear, Dark, and White. The white is great for softening colors.If I left anything out or if you just have more questions, feel free to contact Debi Beard here: www.debisdesigndiary.com

Last but not least, here is my little makeover project…an antique spool shelf refinished with Mint Chip:)


I would love more info on being a distributor for this product to resale in my refurbishing business and in our store and booth.

I am located in East Texas
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Thank you