These Transfers Will Change Your Life

these transfers will change your life

Iron Orchid Designs Transfers

Forget about the old way of doing image transfers, that require some sort of messy medium and the patience of a saint! These new rub-on transfers are everything & a child can apply them, seriously.

The transfers are a Charcoal Gray color which is so much better than black! And the packaging is pretty amazing, too. Moving on…


Recently I painted my secretary desk with a mix of Worn Tapestry & Mocha by Heirloom Traditions Paint and did NOT seal it. I wanted something simple and light in color because I knew I had the transfers coming.

The transfers come with a flat wooden stick to rub your transfers on with.

This is the transfer I chose because it measures 27.6″ Wide and 34″ Tall, which made it the perfect size for this piece.

One of the really cool things about the transfers is that you can manipulate any part of the design to go wherever you want. That means you are not obligated to use it the way it’s laid out. I cut the top piece off first so I could figure out how to best place the entire design.

Next, I peeled off the white backing and laid the transfer down. I didn’t need to tape it because I was working with a smaller section and it stuck fine. But if you have one large piece you’ll want to use some painter’s tape to keep your image in place, while you work. If you notice part of the design coming up with the paper just lay the paper back down & continue to rub.

BTW, be sure not to touch any part of the actual image after you peel the backing off because it’s sticky & you will pull it off… I know, because I accidentally pulled off a tiny piece and ruined it!

How to rub on IOD Transfers

I made a short video because rubbing the transfer on is a really simple process. It’s honestly taking me twice as long to create this post than it took me to apply the whole transfer.

*Each transfer comes with written instructions on the box.

After I finished applying this piece I moved onto the rest of the design, starting with the cake next.

I placed it against my piece & drew a line where I needed to cut the image.

I eyeballed everything because I like to live on the edge, ha!

The next section was a little tricky just because I had to use an Exacto knife to cut through the image where the design overlapped the drawers, but it was a minor process.

I continued this process until I got the entire image on and then I sealed it. You’ll want to seal your entire piece to protect it and you can use Top Coat or wax. I prefer to use Varnish Top Coat, by Wise Owl Paint because it dries in about 30 minutes and does NOT need to be buffed. And it’s available in a Matte or Satin Finish.

Here is my finished piece, which can be done in about 20-30 minutes. There are 7 different transfer designs and I will have them available in both of my shops, as well as online.

I hope my post helps to explain everything and that you don’t allow the length of it to intimidate you… And, I promise you that anyone can do this.

This 11″x14″ sized transfer took me two minutes to apply. And please note that these transfers are not limited to just furniture pieces, either.

Use IOD transfers almost anywhere


That’s amazing! I love the fact that it is easy to transfer & yes even a child can do it!:) Thanks for sharing Julia this is a great article. 🙂

So exciting to see the transfers in action! Thank you for sharing your experience, Julia…love the way you allowed the image to flow across the drawer fronts + the carcass: that looks exceptionally fine.

Julia this is a FAB tutorial and you do a wonderful job of letting the product shine in all it’s simplicity! Thank you for providing a wonderful visual here. We’ll share with our audience also!

Your blog is great, and the video helps reinforce the simplicity. Thanks for sharing, Julia!

I’m interested in the transfers, looked all over for them, don’t see where or how to order them

These are exactly the same as the rub ons used for scrapbooking but in a huge version! Only wished they had them in Canada!