Victorian Style With Vintiques

Our new Vintiques label came with some brand new colors that were added to the line and these two, in particular, are to die for! And while I think they look absolutely fabulous together, each can stand on its own just fine. Say “hello” to Vintiques Vintage Violet… IMG_5879Now, allow me to introduce you to Vintiques Timepiece. A gorgeous smokey charcoal gray, with a hint of blue undertones. This is a color I personally requested and I couldn’t be happier with it!
IMG_5867 And I used French Butter, a custom signature color by Heirloom Traditions, to tie everything together for an almost Victorian look. This has always been one of my favorite colors!12240817_920918067957788_1263436569068552147_oI then sealed the entire hutch with Vintiques Gel Top Coat, in Clear. This is my go to sealer because it’s super easy to apply & dries within 45 minutes. You simply apply it with a paint brush in the same manner you paint & that’s it. It’s also available in Antiquing, which is a dark brown that will help you age your pieces and/or highlight any details on them. I plan to use this hutch for a display piece, hence I removed the glass panels and the center door. I can’t wait to fill it up! BTW, the vintage glass door knob to the right was given to me by my grandmother…it came from the very first Victorian home she owned in San Francisco, CA. Doesn’t it tie in beautifully with the Vintage Violet 🙂IMG_5850 Here’s the before pic of the hutch:IMG_3905