Video Tutorial: How To Paint Over Upholstery Fabric

I found this sweet little vintage tulip chair on Craigslist for $40. I loved the shape and the fabric was still in good condition, with no rips or tears, but the color was quite faded. I knew this would be the perfect candidate for a FAB makeover!
I used Thunderous (by Heirloom Traditions) on the inside back, arms, & chair cushion and Weathered Wood (by DIY Paint) on the outside of the chair. I then mixed Letterpress Gray & Gravel Road together for the wood trim, which is also made by DIY Paint.Tulip ChairI only used one coat of paint on all of the fabric and was able to use my Sample Sized paint jars. I only used about 6oz out of the 8oz for each color and spent roughly $60 (retail) for all of the paint products, including the FAB, for the entire chair. That’s a huge saving over having it reupholstered! I left some of the original fabric so that everyone could see & feel the difference. FAB is no longer being made, however, you can paint your upholstery and then seal with the Wise Owl Paint’s Furniture Salve. You can apply it with the 2″ Palm Brush and remove/buff the excess off with a lint-free cloth. Let it dry overnight before sitting on it.


Glad to have found this product and now see this video. Already have my *first* order of FAB. Excited to soon paint & freshen 2 cotton upholstered chairs that are now a bold red & gold pattern(hotel liquidator find).

I own Generations in Fayetteville, TN and I’m really interested in your product, Fab. I was wondering if there is dealer close to me that carries it and if it works with any type paint or just chalk. I presently use BlackBerry House which is chalk free and wondered if it can be used with the Fab.
I look forward to hearing from you.