Vintage Headboard Repurposed

bed to bench vintage headboard repurposed

I came across this vintage headboard and footboard set recently and was immediately smitten with it. It had the perfect shape and details that I was looking for…

It just needed to be cleaned up and given a makeover to truly shine! I started with a full coat of my Wise Owl Primer to avoid any potential bleeding and then created a custom paint color by mixing Sea Salt & Vintage Duck Egg.  I simply poured two 8 oz samples of paint into a bowl using equal parts (50/50) to create a pint of the color I wanted. This was more than enough paint for the entire project.

Once I had two coats of paint on I applied my Varnish Top Coat to seal the paint. Next, I applied the Le Petit Rosier transfer down the center of the headboard. The transfer was longer than I needed, so I simply cut the bottom portion off and will use it on another project later. One of the benefits of the IOD Transfers is that you can cut them up and make them fit any project, as well as mix and layer them with other transfers, which is exactly what I did.

I had some leftover pieces from the Wildflower Botanicals transfer, which worked out perfectly on the headboard.
Once I completed the headboard I asked my husband to make a bench to add to the headboard. Thankfully, he’s handy like that! All I had to do was paint the bench to match the headboard and seal everything, including the transfers. 

 My repurposed headboard is now a functional bench that will look absolutely beautiful in an entryway, don’t you think?