Vintage Hutch Redo

vintage hutch redo

Some background for you on this vintage hutch redo: I purchased these two pieces a few years ago (as a set) and I decided it was time to sell the larger one to make room in my home office. However, I didn’t want to remove all of my storage options so I kept the smaller cabinet below. Believe it or not, I had left them unpainted for all these years!

Now, because I had just repainted my office walls and was planning to redo my whole space I figured it was also time to paint the cabinet. And, we just got a new chalk synthesis color called, “Mohair” that I’ve been wanting to try, so it was perfect timing.

I could have left it painted as-is, but I really want to bring out the details. So, I added our black wax to make the details pop. The Wise Owl wax glides on easily and was created to use without adding a clear wax first.

I could have used the Wise Owl Glaze but I really wanted the overall look to stay soft. If you’re tired of white or gray but want to keep things neutral Mohair is a great choice! And, the black wax compliments it well.

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