What’s In Your Paint

paint cans arrangement

Do you know what’s in the paint you use?

Many have inquired about what type of paint Wise Owl is. And we want to disclose in full detail what makes it so great, so you can understand what sets us apart.

What’s Not In Our Paint

Our paint is not made with a box store latex or acrylic paint with minerals added. It is made from scratch. Our paint contains clay, minerals (Chalk), and an acrylic binder.

Paints must have a binder to promote adhesion and strength. Latex binders are not easy to distress and they “gum up” when distressed. They also aren’t as strong as acrylic binders.

All paints contain minerals, so when we say clay mineral base, we are just being extra transparent. Titanium dioxide (the main ingredient in sunscreen) is present in all paints and it’s a naturally occurring mineral. So is limestone, also an ingredient in most paints and a safe mineral that promotes adhesion.

Our paint does NOT contain crystalline silicates — which makes it so much safer than many of the paints on the market today.

These tiny crystals should NOT be respirated. When people distress and breath in paint dust with crystalline silicates, they are unknowingly causing irreparable damage to their lungs. Those microscopic particles inflict tiny scratches in the lining of the lungs that scar (similar to asbestos). It is so important to us not to use them in our formula. We will never compromise health or the environment to make Paint.

Our paint is a “Synthesis” of the best parts of acrylic, mineral, and clay paint without the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and without formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and crystalline silicates.

A Long Tradition of ‘Made In The USA’

Our paint is also manufactured in Lansing Michigan by the O’Leary Paint company, owned by a local family. The paint manufacturer has over 125 years of experience making Paint and finishes.

Four generations of the O’Leary family have worked to maintain the production of the most quality finishes. They have won awards for being green certified. They give back to the community. And they have a chemist that works with us, helping us to design not only the best products but also the safest!
Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint