Additional Store Location

In case you haven’t already heard I’m adding another store location in Richardson, TX. The Richardson Mercantile is a sister store of the Frisco Mercantile and will be open to the public on November 1st. It’s larger than the Frisco Mercantile at 50,000 sq ft and will be set up a little different.

The store address is 101 S. Coit Rd., Suite 60, Richardson, TX 75080. My new shop will be Suite 702 Campbell. Did I mention that all of the aisles have been given street names:) It’s sure to be an amazing antique mall and a major shopping destination…can’t wait to get set up there!

Paint Sale!

The paint sale officially starts tomorrow (Sat, Oct. 4th). You can show them this post from your phone, or print it out & take it with you!

Announcement! Lots Of Changes…

I received a message from American Paint Company this morning and I’m super excited to share the following announcement(s) with all of you:

“American Paint Company is pleased to announce the launch of a new color collection for Fall 2014 and updates on the main color line.  We pride ourselves on making the healthiest paint available for the DIY furniture painter, along with staying on trend in the home décor market.  We will be retiring colors, moving colors from our 2013 Ellis Collection into the main line, and launching a new color collection called American Home.”

But wait, there’s more…The new pints will be available in the same type of can that our quarts currently come in, which means no more fighting with those little plastic containers! And we will now have sample sized pots available for each of the new pint colors!! There’s still more info to share, but let me first show you our 12 new colors from the American Home Collection:
We now have a deep barn red (Country Barn), a true kelly green (Front Lawn), a sage green (Topiary), and a mustard yellow(Vintage Velvet) in the palette! And look at Backyard Pond & Tarnished Platter…these are sure to be favorites!!The Ellis Collection will be retired, however, the most popular colors will be moving into quart size…can you hear the angels sing?! Here are the colors that will be available in quart size: Cannonball, Crushed Tea, Leather Boots, Limoges, Sackcloth, Peacock, Treasure Box, and Voyage.

This means that the colors being retired are:


Cameo – from Ellis

Dawn’s Early Light

Desert Cactus

Home Turf

Lincoln’s Hat

Momma’s Lipstick

National Forest

Orange Grove

Parchment – from Ellis


Shining Seas

Tea Cup – from Ellis

Waistcoat – from Ellis

Wild Horses

The main line will have 30 colors, sold in quarts and sample sizes, and will include the following colors:

So there you have it, we will have 42 colors in all, new sizing and containers, and an awesome color palette! I plan to pre-order everything I can, and should have the new colors in stock around early November. Last but not least, I will be placing the 15 retiring colors on sale, so all of my customers are going to enjoy some really great deals =)

Entry Table

I normally wouldn’t photograph any of my pieces at night, but this is going into the shop first thing in the morning, so I had no choice. I used Home Plate on the body and Rushmore on the top & lower shelf. However, I wasn’t originally planning to use this color combination. I had a can of paint without a color label on it and this entire time I thought it was Smoke Signal…uh, nope! Turns out it was Rushmore, but I decided to go with it, and I’m glad I did!

BTW, that gorgeous book page wreath was made by Lori at Vintage Charm Restored and it too is going in the shop, along with a few more. Well, this one may or may not actually make it into the shop…we’ll see;)

Your Attention Please

I am delighted to announce that my dear friend Lori at Vintage Charm Restored has decided to join our suite inside the Frisco Mercantile! Lori will have her beautifully refinished furniture available along with any hand crafted items she may create, as well as offer custom painting services…such as paint deminars and maybe even a workshop or two. I couldn’t be happier!!

I’m also really excited about all of the new artwork Yony, from YLK photography just added to our suite. She has so many beautiful pieces to choose from located throughout our suite!

We’re still arranging/moving things around and will be adding more items, but here’s how our suite looks for the moment…