Entry Table

I normally wouldn’t photograph any of my pieces at night, but this is going into the shop first thing in the morning, so I had no choice. I used Home Plate on the body and Rushmore on the top & lower shelf. However, I wasn’t originally planning to use this color combination. I had a can of paint without a color label on it and this entire time I thought it was Smoke Signal…uh, nope! Turns out it was Rushmore, but I decided to go with it, and I’m glad I did!

BTW, that gorgeous book page wreath was made by Lori at Vintage Charm Restored and it too is going in the shop, along with a few more. Well, this one may or may not actually make it into the shop…we’ll see;)

Your Attention Please

I am delighted to announce that my dear friend Lori at Vintage Charm Restored has decided to join our suite inside the Frisco Mercantile! Lori will have her beautifully refinished furniture available along with any hand crafted items she may create, as well as offer custom painting services…such as paint deminars and maybe even a workshop or two. I couldn’t be happier!!

I’m also really excited about all of the new artwork Yony, from YLK photography just added to our suite. She has so many beautiful pieces to choose from located throughout our suite!

We’re still arranging/moving things around and will be adding more items, but here’s how our suite looks for the moment…

Three Features In A Week!

Oh my goodness, you’d think it was my birthday or something…oh wait, it actually is:) I am super grateful for not just one, but for three of my furniture pieces being featured this past week on the American Paint Company’s website!! I sincerely appreciate all of the love =) Make sure you visit their website to view all of the other wonderful pieces they have featured, as you’re sure to find some inspiration!

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.37.15 AM

New Cling On! Paint Brush Line

I recently started carrying a new line of paint brushes and while I’ve been using them almost daily, I haven’t had a chance to post about them yet, so here’s some more information on these wonderful new paint brushes : The CLING ON! is, being handmade in Holland, a superb paintbrush, especially meant for working with (all) waterborne paints. Whether it’s a primer, an enamel, 2K epoxy, a (structured) wall paint, adhesive, stain or varnish: it all goes smoothly with a CLING ON!; so smooth you will fall in love with it…Super sharp cutting in, fuller and smoother finish, very easy to clean and all this with less effort and, very important: in less time!

And here are the benefits to using a Cling On! Paint Brush: Extremely strong, extreme durable, has great shape retention, can be used with all water-based products, excellent cleanability, superb cutting in, better coverage with a smoother finish, fast and easy to use, and they are affordable.

I’ve been very pleased with these brushes so far, for all of the reasons mentioned above, and because the paint doesn’t dry on the bristles like it tends to do with all of the other brushes I’ve ever used.  It’s also very comfortable in my hand while I’m painting…anyone that has painted for a long time or even just painted one large piece in a single setting can probably identify with what I like to call the “Painter’s Claw” position your hand winds up in! I have not had this happen with the Cling On! brushes, and that alone makes me happy:)

Here are some tips for using and caring for these brushes: Let your CLING ON! absorb some water before using it for the first time, so it gets the proper flex. Remove excess water by spinning the handle between the palms of your hands and it’s ready for use.  While painting, re-wet the brush as necessary. Keeping the brush damp will prevent paint from hardening on the bristles and minimize brush strokes. When you’re done painting, rinse, and lay them flat to dry  or keep them hanging in water (not touching the bottom). The filaments are specially treated to release the paint. The next day almost all paint will have left the brush. Just rinse, spin out the remaining water and you’re ready to paint again or store the brush.

Paint Brushes

New Product Alert!

Hard Coat by American Paint Company is a brand new product that has just been released in limited quantities. It provides an extra durable finish to protect your painted pieces, with Zero VOC’s & No Solvents! Pick some up today in Suite 1504, while supplies last. The next release won’t come until sometime in October and I was super lucky to get some now!