Using Paint Instead Of Stain

This dresser was a mess when we brought it home, and had more damage than any other piece I’ve tackled before. It’s hard to believe when you view the “Before Pic” but you’ll just have to trust me on this one! The top was way past re-staining, with tons of patch work everywhere, so I opted for paint instead. I had been wanting to try “Leather Boots” by American Paint Company’s Ellis Collection, and this was my chance.

The paint on it’s own reminds me of chocolate pudding, but add some dark wax like Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax in Antique Brown, and you’ve got the perfect espresso brown! You can see the difference on my image below, with Leather Boots on my sample paint stick that is sitting on top of the dresser. I’m really impressed with how the painted top turned out.

The body of the dresser is finished in “Home Plate” by APC, and it’s a lovely creamy white. I simply applied clear wax over the top, because this is a mahogany dresser & they are known for bleeding! I should also let you know that I used two coats of primer on the entire dresser, before painting because of this.

This piece is still far from perfect, but I can live with it’s imperfections, hence we’ve decided to keep this one & replace the dresser in our master bedroom with it:)
LB Dresser 2 LB Dresser 3 leather boots w dark wax LB Dresser Before

One Last Hutch Turned Display

I needed another hutch to display some of my paint products in my Frisco shop, so I transformed this one in the same color combination I used on the last one…Fireworks Red & Beach Glass, made by American Paint Company. I switched out the original wooden drawer knobs, with ones that would help tie the Beach Glass color on the top/back of the hutch to the lower portion. I also mixed Safecoat, with some of APC’s brown glaze to slightly darken the paint, while simultaneously sealing the entire piece. I could have mixed the glaze with APC’s Top Coat, but I already had a can of Safecoat open, so I decided to finish using that first. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, but hope to make this the last hutch I paint for awhile:)
Hutch Sneek Peak Glaze + Safecoat IMG_3821 copy Before Hutch

China Hutch Transformed Into A Display Case

I used “Fireworks Red” and “Beach Glass” by American Paint Company to turn this China hutch into my new display case. I was hesitant to use this combination of colors, simply because I tend to stick to more neutral colors, but I really wanted this piece to pop. I think I succeeded, and I absolutely adore how it turned out!

The drawer wasn’t designed to have a pull on it, but I wanted to add an extra touch, along with a place to hang my sample paint color sticks. I used a top coat mixed with brown glaze to seal it, and slightly darken the red up. Please note that the pic’s make it look a little lighter & brighter than it actually looks in person.

Oh, and don’t worry about those cabinet doors that I removed, as they will be getting repurposed and put to good use!

Small Pieces Done In American Paint Company

Here are a couple of small pieces I did using American Paint Company. The first one is a vintage pie crust table with “Shoreline” on the body, and “Cameo” on the trim. Cameo is a very pale pink and is from the Ellis Collection, which is available in Pint size only and is the perfect size for DIY’ers. Don’t let the small size of a Pint fool you, one of my friends just painted a large tall dresser using two coats with paint left over. Shoreline comes in both Quart & Sample Sizes, and I only needed the sample size to paint this table. I added a light colored wax to finish and seal it.

The second piece is a child’s chair painted in “Treasure Box” and it’s a perfect minty green color. This color is also from the Ellis Collection.

Peacock From The Ellis Collection

I updated this little accent table with Peacock on the main body, and decided to add a touch of Treasure Box to the legs just to keep it fun! Both of these paint colors are from American Paint Company, and they come in pint size…which is perfect for the DIY’er. Oh, and Peacock looks fabulous with a dark wax or glaze over it, as it gives it a very rich look! You can see another example of this beautiful color on the APC website.